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Getting Started

The VO Web Designs process begins with understanding what the client's goals are. What is it that they wish to achieve with their business, and how can a website fit in with those plans? We know that each client will have some unique requirements, and that one size does not fit all. There are details about a client's business that can only be intelligently exchanged via a one-on-one conversation. This is how the process starts. The prospective client submits their contact information, which we follow up with a phone call.

Website Cost

The Cost

The cost to build and install a website depends on many factors. Generally, it boils down to how complex the requirements are. A bare minimum website (consisting of a landing page, contact information, business hours, and a short bio) will cost $300 to build and install. Regardless of the requirements, after an initial conversation, a proposal will be submitted to the client for approval. The proposal will contain an outline for the website, the estimated costs, and an estimated delivery date.

Hour Glass

How Long Will It Take?

Once the proposal is approved by the client, a detailed project schedule will be developed which outlines various phases of the development. Completion dates will be based upon the overall design and complexity, and may depend on any additional services desired.

Wrapping Up

Wrapping Up

As the project progresses, the website will be published in a temporary private space where the client can view its construction in progress. Clients are asked to review and approve various pieces as the project moves forward toward finalization.

After finalization, the website will be published under the domain name established for the client. 
To get started, use the contact form to send a message to VO Web Designs. Please include a good date and time for us to call.

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